Watch the new Mogami factory tour video

HHB Communications has worked together with the Mogami Cable Company to create a behind-the-scenes video of one of the world’s leading manufactures of cable for the professional audio and video industries.
The movie begins with an introduction to the history of Mogami and the innovative manufacturing techniques that have been created by Managing Director Kouichi Hirabayashi, providing an insight into the diversity and ingenuity that has propelled the company to international success.
Located in Shiojiri City in Nagano, Japan, the Mogami factory was completely rebuilt in 2002. Although it houses only 20 employees, the Mogami factory is able to execute 3,500 different types of cable manufacturing processes, while most other manufacturers are only able to perform one or two. This enables the company to design the most suitable cable configuration for its customer’s requirements and produce extremely efficient products without any unnecessary waste.
HHB Communications Managing Director Ian Jones interviews Mogami’s President of Sales and Lew Hirabayashi to give a close look into the efficiency of the company’s production processes, its core values and an interesting review of the diverse range of cable that Mogami produces.
This 7-minute video provides everything you need to know about Japan’s leading cable manufacturing company.