New Mini Jack accessory range launched

Mogami are proud to announce brand new mini jack accessory cables to add to our Cable for Life product portfolio.

Our new cables expand the Cable for Life range with the addition of high quality Mini Jack to XLR, Jack and RCA, and Mini Jack to Mini Jack cables.  As with all of our Cable for Life range, these maintain a lifetime warranty and use 90% recycled materials for their packaging.

Rugged Mini Jack Cables for Professionals

Here at Mogami, we spent many years searching for the perfect mini jack connector.  None could be found that matched our dedication to strength and quality – so we created our own bespoke connector instead!

Our mini jack is a rugged right-angled, gold-plated connector that is designed to withstand rigorous use in professional applications.  It is moulded for maximum reliability and attached to low capacitance oxygen free copper cable to give you the ultimate studio accessory.

See the rest of the range

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